About Us

Growing up in the Southwest we have always had a love for the different cultures that have made their homes here. Donna’s creativity begin when she was young with sewing clothes for her family and creating beautiful dream catchers to decorate their home and give as gifts. With the help of her mother her talents progressed to create double and triple and dream catchers. You will rarely find such intricate designs like she creates. She has widened her creativity to include pine needle baskets. As Donna and Tim met and made their home together their happiness inspired both of them to explore their creative sides and begin creating beautiful gourds and thunder drums. Tim has always been an artist and he has found that he really enjoys wood burning, carving and painting. If you are fortunate you may even be able to purchase a gourd with a little touch of a dreamcatcher on it. These special gourds and thunder drums are truly a blend of both of their talents.